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Earn to Die 4 is an action-packed game in which you need to manage different types of cars, get to your destination. The history of the game continues, you are always looking for a way out of the desert, which is full of zombies. First, select an available car and start driving. On the first day, try to drive as far as possible and give more zombies to earn money. Next you need to upgrade your car. You can install a reinforced propeller, a large fuel tank, large tires, a powerful engine, circular saws, a suspension bracket and other useful things. Collect money and drive aggressively. One of the most recent updates that you can install on a car is firearms, which can also be improved throughout the game. In Earn to Die 4 you will have a map with the signs of parking places where you need to get to. Try to go through each stage in as few days as possible. When the first machine is improved to the maximum, you can raise money and buy even a military truck, which under your control will be the best weapon for the destruction of zombies. Click on the gas pedal and get ready to meet the big and bloodthirsty zombies right on the front window of your truck. Be prepared for the masses of obstacles and barricades that will be in your way. Good luck!
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