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Welcome to the expanses of Hexar.io Hacked Game Online. "Hexar.io" is a new hit from game developers in the genre io. In this multiplayer browser-based online game, you will build your territory and conquer other people's land. You will play with a ribbon with a circle on the bottom. The tape can stretch over long distances, but at the same time it will be your most vulnerable place. After all, if during the game another player touches you or you come across your opponent yourself, you will lose and you will have to start all over again. As we have already said, your main goal will be the conquest of the territory. You will play on a huge game map, which is full of transparent honeycombs. When, you will surround the honeycomb, then they will acquire the same color as your character and then this site will be considered yours. But you must be extremely careful and quick to not let your opponents win back your lands while you work on increasing your plots. Try to capture the maximum territory without compromising your own life. To act faster than others, try to collect lonely floating balls. These are speed bonuses that can make you faster for a short period of time. Become the owner of the card and head the top sheet. Enjoy the game and good luck!
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