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Meduzzza.io - a new multiplayer online game in which you need to control the jellyfish. Play with hundreds of players from all over the world and try to be the biggest jellyfish of the day! Playing "Meduzzza.io" you should understand that one player can destroy the second only if he blushes the tail of his jellyfish. Also, you need to remember about the boundaries of the playing field, when touching which, your jellyfish will die and crumble into small pieces. So, after entering the gaming nickname you start playing. In the beginning your jellyfish is very small, but in due course, floating on huge water expanses, you will pick up colored balls - food, thanks to which your jellyfish grows. The more your jellyfish becomes the slower its speed and less maneuverability seems. To avoid falling into the tricks of smaller jellyfish you need to act very carefully and follow the head of your jellyfish. To substitute your tail for other players should also be very cautious, because if you make one wrong move - the game will be over. Keep track of the leaderboard and their points, try to score more points and take first place in the leaderboard. Collect small Pokémon on the map, they add to you as much as 5 points of weight. Kill other jellyfish players, devour their weight and become the biggest jellyfish, it's cool!
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