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Today you are waiting for another story about Scooby Doo and The Race to Wrestlemania and his friends, which is full of mysteries, adventures and incredible events. Shaggy and Scooby are very fortunate - they won tickets to the world's largest military show called "WrestleMania" from which they are crazy. In order not to go alone, the guys decided to go along with their friends, who are also fans of this show. When the guys arrived in the place, they also decided to take part in the battles, but a friend happened, something terrible and a huge bear appeared on the stage, who decided to destroy everything. In addition, the belt of the Wrestlemania champion disappeared. Everything could have ended tragically had it not been for Scooby Doo and his friends who would take great pleasure in this unusual story. You will also help the guys in the game, because they can not do without your help. You will control the van in which Scooby and his team will travel. Followed by you will run an evil bear that can catch you and destroy you. Therefore, you must go as quickly as possible to collect all the parts of the map and find the belt of the champion. Go very carefully, because you will have a lot of obstacles in the way of dreven, rocks, puddles and other troubles that will slow you down and the beast will be able to catch up with you.
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