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If you joined a large group of fans of the game "Agar.io Unblocked", then you definitely should look to us. In the game "Quick Agario", you will be able to quickly pump your bacteria to a giant size and move it will be lightning fast. Initially, your bacteria will be a drop in the sea compared to others. To grow up a baby you need to absorb colored grains of plankton. Then your kryotule will grow and absorb other players. This is where the tactics and brainstorming will begin. You will have to move your brains properly to make the right move and absorb the competitor. While your bacterium was small, you could quickly move around the map, but when you started to grow, the movement became smoother and more measured. So you have to use cunning and tricks to catch enemy bacteria. For example, you can hide in one corner of the map and wait until the newcomer approaches you, and then divide and suddenly catch it. The maximum amount of separation is 32 particles. It is worth remembering that after separation your bacterium can reunite only after thirty seconds. The same rule applies if you hit the thorn. Then your bacterium will break into a lot of pieces and you can eat more nimble gamers. True, if at least one piece has survived, then you are still afloat and can continue. Have a good game!
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