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BEN10 child with a super hero and close friend was ready to join a new adventure !! You after the game's story "Play" (the game) and you can watch by clicking the button installed. If "SKIP" and then to be istiyorum.hika Press the switch to this stage, Ben10 leave the plane. At this stage, the control keys are to learn the game. Ben10 Directing: arrow keys or "W, A, S, D". Fire: "SPACEBAR" or "J". "M": see the map. After that, you can choose wich scene will play. If you want to play first, then you can choose to select only the first step olacaktr.sahn, game playing during the hazr.o "Money Ben10" Collect. You indicator "Health" and display "AIDS" by playing games of power with your rights to control edebilirsiniz.dig indicators you you "Ben10 coins to collect" points, you can see the "COINS", you overall score and "DESTROYED OUR ENEMIES" with the show "POINTS" If you killed enemies can see your number. If the button "M" when you press the red dots for Ben 10 and the enemy character say a green dot means leaving grebilirsiniz.map, "CONTINUE" You have to press the button. Your main goal in this game door "EXIT" to reach. Ben10 advebntures will continue. Good luck;)
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