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Angry Birds 2 - the classic version of the most popular game, which won thousands of fans with its simplicity and at the same time an intellectual component. The history of evil birds is based on an endless war against their sworn enemies - bad pigs, who constantly terrorize birds, offend and kidnap their eggs. Birds, in turn, constantly respond to the aggressor, attacking them with numerous shots from their slingshot. In this game, you do not just need to shoot birds from the slingshot to green pigs, you have to consider the laws of physics in order to perform accurate shots on pigs. If you are waiting for a long and tedious trip on a bus or train, Angry Birds 2 will be the best option to pass the time. Do you already want to play against the bad guinea pigs? Well then go ahead! You are given several birds of different colors, which you must bombard the dwellings of green pigs. Each species of birds has its unique fighting ability. Red birds - ordinary, blue - are divided into three chicks, and yellow can accelerate. Use the power of each bird in the right direction. Go through different levels, destroy houses and destroy all the guinea pigs. Glass pieces punch the easiest way, the wood is more complicated, and the stone is completely impenetrable, so that evil birds will have to work hard to win. Collect more points and enjoy a fun game. Good luck!
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