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Welcome to the underwater world. Now we are happy to present you the game "Aqwar.io". "Aqwar.io" is a massively multiplayer online game. It is a mixture of two browser games Agar.io and Oceanar.io. Before you start the game, you must choose a nickname and decide on the fish. So, as in the first couple you will not have money, then only piranha will be available to you. The rest of the fish, you can when you accumulate a certain amount of gold coins. To do this, you need to eat other fish and perform tasks in the upper right corner of the game. Each fish has a number of characteristics. You must navigate through them to select a new character. Also, fish have active and passive abilities. Such as: invisibility, fast movement, quick splice after division, division into six, not eight parts and much more. You will swim on a large game map. To increase in size and earn experience, you must eat the eggs that float around. When your fish grows and gets stronger, you will be able to hunt fish that are smaller than you in size. You can catch up with it, trap it in splitting and pick up small fish after division. Also, do not forget that your fish, too, is a tasty morsel for large rivals. Therefore, try to avoid collisions with large fish. Also, beware of puffers. These fish serve as traps, as are the green thorns in Agar.io. In the game, you can play with a friend simply by sending him a code that he can join you. Top the top sheet and become a cool gamer. Have a good game!
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