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Play Bad ice Cream 6 Your friends will be able to play along with the family, collecting various fruits and earning points and completing quests in the adventure. By controlling your freezes, you will defeat many enemies in various sections and make escapes so that they will not touch you. Cheerful Bad ice Cream 6 you will notice that many developments are on the forefront and you will have fun in a more enjoyable game. We recommend to play with the players who will meet newly with the cheerful ice cream which is constantly played. You will try to complete the sections by collecting the fruits while dodging the challenging adventures in the game that can be played for 2 or 1 person. You will be able to help each other in ice walls, as your friends can play with your family. The first player to meet with the Cheerful Bad ice Cream 6 will be able to control the ice cream character with the arrow keys and create / break the ice walls with the space key. Our 2nd player can control the freezing hero with the WA S D keys and can break down by creating walls with hollow spaces.
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