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A gang of hooligans decided to make a rustle in their little town. This Bomb It 3 gang is relatively small, because it consists of four people a tough leader, beauty, pitching and hipster. Although in spite of the small number, the guys have great ambitions and each of them is a master demolitionist. In the Bomb It 3 game you can prove to everyone who here is a true pro on explosives. The Bomb It 3 game has a little surprise. If you find a partner for you, then you can play together. Before you start the game, you must select the difficulty mode, the number of enemies and the number of levels. And of course, do not forget to choose a character. Then you can determine the place where you will start your explosive fireworks. It can be a supermarket, a farm, a water park or a night city. Ready? Then, let's begin! You need to blow up obstacles and collect bonuses that will be hidden in the walls and labyrinths of the city. Try not to please the opponent's bomb. It's better to let them explode on your explosives. Explode, destroy and conquer!
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