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Welcome to the game "Bonk.io". This multiplayer online game will be a real killer of free time for many and many people. If, you like dynamic games that will not let you get bored and relax for a second, then you've come to the right place. "Bonk.io" is a game where you will control a small ball. The main goal of the game is to push all opponents out of the playing field and become the only winner. You can play as a guest or register. Registration will give you a number of advantages over the guests, namely: pumping your ball, creating rooms and inviting friends. Here you will definitely not bored, because the game has thirty-four completely different game cards. Choose any one you like and advance to conquer the peaks. On almost any map, almost all platforms and structures will move, which greatly complicates and simultaneously makes the gameplay more interesting. You have to show miracles of agility and lightning-fast reaction in order to just stay and not fall under one of the obstacles. Also, during the game, you can get heavier for a split second, then your opponents will not be able to push you. But if, you want to push your enemies, then you have a lot of practice to do it. In a word, "Bonk.io" begins to intrigue from the first seconds. Have a good game!
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