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In the game "Defend Your Nuts 2" you are waiting for an incredible adventure, along with a brave forest squirrel, which shoots arrows very well. Entire hordes of zombies, werewolves, trolls and monsters attacked the forest in which the squirrel lived. They swept away everything in their path: trees, bushes, berries and animal stores for the winter. Belka learned first about the invasion of monsters and decided to protect her nuts at all costs, as this is her main food product. After all, she collected all the gifts of the forest all summer long and put them in her hollow. Unfortunately, they did not manage to hide all the nuts and the monsters began to advance towards the white housing. Are you ready to help a brave little beast to defend one's right? You will play squirrel, which will sit on the top of the tree. She must shoot at all the enemies she will notice. At the first level you will be armed only with bow and arrow. Remember that the stronger you pull the string, the stronger and more powerful the shot will be. As you progress through the game "Protect Your Nuts 2", you will be getting new weapons - from the gun to the bombs and the magic staff. Also, you can build a protective wall, get various useful items and bonuses. Collect more gold coins, improve your weapons and helpers, which help the squirrel overcome enemies. This will help you to restrain the offensive of enemies. Good luck!
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