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Game driftin.io - a brand new online game from the genre io. The essence of the game is racing in a circle. Players from all over the world join the server and will be divided into groups. Each group starts the race on one of the cards, where you need to go through 20 laps. The player who has passed the most number of laps is considered to be the leader, and if all 20 laps pass first - becomes the winner in this race. So, enter your name and start playing driftin.io together with others. The game came up with several types of cars. It can be a triangle, a ball, a star and others. Each of the machines has different speeds and different possibilities. The driver quickly rides, the star receives additional improvement points, the booster is very slow but has a cannon. Each class is good in its own way, you just need to play it right. Going one round you get one point of improvement, which can be spent on improving the health reserve, speed, health recovery or your weapons. The more circles you went the better you can improve your car. Points of improvement are also given for killing other players, but you need to proceed with caution. Do not touch the border of the map, otherwise you will lose a life. Passing the finish line you will restore the maximum health reserve, each time. Drive, drift, pump and win!
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