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Welcome to the Dynast.io game. Dynastio is a cool multiplayer browser game where you can play online with players from all over the world. Before starting the game, you can choose not only your nickname, but also a cool warrior. Also, the hero can choose the color of clothes and hair. When everything is ready, you can begin. You will find yourself on a large map, where your rivals are already waiting for you. Not only other players will be around you, but other creatures - from harmless animals to wild animals and monsters. As long as there are no weapons in your arsenal, you need to collect wood, iron and gold to create weapons. After all, we all understand that with bare hands it is not a good idea to engage in fights with enemies and monsters. Each weapon has its advantages. If the club hits hard, then with an ax, you can get more resources. First, it is better to make a club and crush monsters with it. That club will cause terrible creatures great damage. Once you have the required amount of resources, you can start building your base, and then hire guards, archers and knights. There, you can not only shelter from attacks, but also keep your special treasures. Also, you can join the clans and demonstrate their skills and talents of the game in the team. In addition to the construction of the base, you can create a vehicle for yourself and navigate it on the map. Here you will see the wonderful world of "Dynast.io" and you can become a cool warrior. Enjoy the game and good luck!
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