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Finally, we waited for the next game from the series "Fireboy and Water Girl 4 in The Crystal Temple" under number 4. Now rubbing the handles, you can safely embark on a new adventure of this adorable couple. Boy Fire is the ancient spirit of flame, and Water is the spirit of rivers, lakes and waters. In ancient times they were very powerful, but in the course of such a long time, they lost most of their strength and now outwardly resemble two babies. Although it does not prevent them from traveling through ancient temples in search of new adventures, and possibly new forces. In the game "Fire and Water 4 in the Crystal Temple", you will again meet with this mega popular couple. Welcome to the Crystal Temple. Here you are waiting for new puzzles, which require a lot of logic and ingenuity. In addition to the usual pitfalls, you are waiting for new and more tricky tasks. For example, in part number 4, you will encounter portals. And, all of them will be multi-colored and will transfer you to absolutely different and opposite places. But the most important thing to remember is that the black portal leads to black, and white to white. That is, you must be attentive and guided by the color of the portal, in order to know where to go. But most importantly - stay close. After all, there will be times when you will need joint efforts to move the box. Well, the other rules remain unchanged. Water can easily pass through the blue puddles, and Boy Fire - fire pits. Well, the pits with green acid will be deadly for both spirits. Water can only collect blue diamonds, and Fire - red. Although diamonds of other colors can collect both. Have a good game!
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