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Glor.io is a new multiplayer online game in which you need to fight for glory. The game begins on one of the different maps of the forest area. There are trees, rocks, grass under the feet, and various animals and animals walk around. You play as a knight who can collect resources on the map and even build your own base. The main goal in the game is to survive and collect gold. The player who gets the most gold takes the first place in the leaderboard. Each player can pump the level of his knight, so that he grows and grows stronger. You can collect eggs, kill animals and plant plants for food. Having collected enough resources, you can start building walls and doors for protection. Inside your castle there may be some resources and mines. Also you can create assistants: guards, peasants, mercenaries. Beware of wolves, bears and other players on your map. The guards will guard your castle. Peasants can extract resources. And mercenaries will repeat all your actions, they can not only extract resources but also help you in battle. Build the strongest and largest base, unite with other players and become the strongest of all. Good luck!
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