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You will have an incredible adventure with the team of soldiers of the "Ninjago". In the game "Legendary Ninja Battles", you can feel like a real hero. You have to go through several exciting missions. At each level you will need to collect three gold coins. And do not forget about bonuses, because they give you special strength and health. In the first level, your character will be Kai. You will go to the mountains, where the battle with the dragon awaits you. But not everything is so simple. First, you need to get to it through the rocky mountains and enemies. But to defeat the dragon you need to strike only when his head is not embraced by flames. Then you go to the pirate ship with Cole. You will need to destroy the evil pirates and their leader "Blind Pete". He will attack you from the air with his anchor. Shoot him from the cannons and try to avoid his bombs. Next, you go on an air trip on a rocket with Jay. At this level, your opponent will be the robot Fangpaer. You need to attack it with your laser gun, but be sure to avoid his attacks. The robot will constantly try to escape, but you should always catch up with it and eventually destroy it. And now you are waiting for the intriguing battle of Loyd with the eternal enemy of Ninjago, the evil monster Overlord. If you avoid its powerful fire attacks, then it will not be difficult for you to destroy it. And now you are waiting for the final battle of Zane and the sea kraken Levitan. You need to attack only his head, that's what's causing him damage. But beware, because Levitan will throw shurikens out of his eyes. Good luck!
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