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Here is finally a new episode of a long-awaited series of racing games, the game Madmen Racing 2. After the success of the first game (Madmen Racing), we are sure you enjoy this game score at its fair value! Super, crazy people are back!Here you are on the starting line of the first race and you will have to be smarter than your competitors if you want to cross the finish line first. To drive your different vehicles (motorcycles, cars and other quirks), use the arrow keys on the keyboard and the Z key to turn on the turbo. You will gain nitro propulsion by performing tricks (flips, back wheels), so be ready to fly on every occasion and do better than your opponents! The C key will let you jump and it will be more than useful to avoid the many traps that will sow your competitors in your path. You will also be able to launch missiles, sheep (guns), wolf traps (if so) and other small surprises that will slow them down. To do this, use the X key as soon as you have recovered a bonus. Go through the Upgrades to change and improve your vehicle and try to win all events hands down!
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