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Welcome to the exciting world of MiniGiants.io. MiniGiants io is a multiplayer online game where players from all over the world will be your opponents. There are eight wonderful characters in the game: a barbarian, a tank, a fairy, an Amazon, a magician, a magician, a priest and a monster. At first, just a hero will be suitable for you. They'il be a tough barbarian. You must reach a certain level to unlock the remaining characters. I mean, it's time to name your hero and go to the battlefield. There will be a large number of competitors who are rising to high levels around you. It is better to avoid them. Focus on the lowest level heroes on their teeth. The chance of killing a low or equal opponent is much higher. In order to increase your level, you must collect trembling stones and crates. In the crates, not only gold, but also ammunition and weapons. You can equip your hero and increase your combat features. You can also sell or improve your goods. Blinking stones not only increase your experience but also make you healthier. This game will appeal to even the most sophisticated and challenging players. Become the most dangerous fighter, a terrible opponent and an invincible champion. Enjoy the game and good luck!
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