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Narwhale.io online multiplayer game about friendly narwhals piercing each other. Players from all over the world are fighting for supremacy on the boundless waters. Narwhals are large toothed whales that have a long horn in front, on the head. These animals are the main game characters that are controlled by players. Each player takes control of one of the colored narwhals and starts playing. All players are divided into groups and fall on different maps where the war begins. The weapon of your whale is a horn, with which you can ram and cut opponents. It is not difficult to manage such a whale, it's enough to just keep the mouse in the right place and your character will dry up and perform all the actions. To kill the enemy you need to cut it into two parts or cut off at least a small piece. Accelerate and ram other players to pump, become the strongest and unbeaten. In the game Narwhale.io there is a leaderboard, sorting in the bark occurs according to the levels of the players. The higher your level, the higher your rating in the rating. Pumping levels you improve your narwhal and soon it will become the strongest, you need only to maneuver and perform dexterous actions to kill other players and not be attacked. Ready to fight for the championship among the huge and dangerous whales? Then go ahead!
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