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And boys and men love football, who plays and who to watch. We propose to fight in Neon Hockey and do not complain that you can not work, an excuse for the lack of ice skates, hockey sticks or ice cream can not be accepted, because you just do not need this. We invite you to play on a virtual field in neon hockey. If you played table hockey for two, chasing the puck on a smooth surface - it's very similar to what you want. To win, you must score in goal seven goals of the opponent. Our hockey, from usual differs only in the fact that you can not move half of the rival on the field, threw goal of the line dividing the field in half, in case you do not find a real partner. Very handy that the game opens on a mobile device, that is, now you can play on your tablet or smartphone in a convenient place for you. The name of the browser does not matter, toy reproduce as well on Safari or Google Chrome. Enjoy the Neon Hockey Hockey Needle.
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