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Welcome to the game Piranha.io, where you will get to the magnificent world of marine fauna. Today your character will be a small, but very bloodthirsty piranha fish. Piranha is one of the most dangerous predators. Despite its small size, a piranha can attack a fish that exceeds it nine or nine times. Even crocodiles always try to escape from a pack of these fishes. Today you will become one of these predatory fish. In the game Piranha Io you have to feed from the heart of your wards fish delicious vacationers. You will swim on a large map, dotted with people on inflatable circles. This is your food, as well as the small piranhas. To speed up and catch up with the booty, you just have to hold down the mouse button, but it will be temporary. Piranha will grow with saturation. As soon as you feed the piranha to the next level, it will again take the previous dimensions and you will have to feed it further. Be more careful with the rest of the piranhas. Their movements, you can observe on the map, which is in the lower right corner of the game. Large fish can easily eat you, but in the arsenal of small piranhas there will always be a bonus in stock. You, too, can catch the bonus if you eat an icon with a question mark on a yellow background. These icons will always be a surprise to you, because the bonus is generated randomly. Among the bonuses will be: an aquarium that will give you a protective barrier, electric shock, scuba diving and shooting. Show everyone who is the lord of these waters! Have a good game!
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