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Space1io is a multiplayer online game where you can play with gamers from all over the world. You will play a detachment of starships, similar to neon triangles. The color of your team, you can choose before the game. First, your triangles - spacecraft will be few. They will fly very fast and maneuver among the opponents, but the more they become, the slower the maneuvers and the movement as a whole. At first, your spacecraft will have only three, but as you earn points, your squad will turn into a large lethal squadron. The larger your squadron, the slower the reloading, but the shots will become much more powerful. To increase the number of your triangles, you must shoot at the figures that fly in outer space. You will always be surrounded by enemies who will not miss the moment to shoot you. Try to attack first and quickly retreat from attackers. Otherwise, you will not just lose some of the combat power, but will be completely destroyed and you will have to start all over again. Multiplayer game "Space1.Io" will be a real gift for fans of action. Have a good game!
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