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Now you are waiting for a real battle of colors! We are glad to present to your attention a new multiplayer online game "Splatty.io", where, you can arrange a color war with players from all over the world. Before you start, you need to determine your nickname and write it in a string. Now the fun begins! Your character will be a nice little bit. You will swim on a large game map in search of drones. Drones are small white droplets. To get a drona you need to catch up with him and shoot him with paint. After that, the drone will take your color and sail near you. Also, with their help passes your pumping. The more drones you have, the higher you will be in the top sheet. Also, when you type a certain number of drones, then your droplet will start to shoot automatically and the damage dealt to the enemy will be stronger. While your drop is poorly pumped, we advise you to simply look for and collect drones and not to touch the strong players. If you are pursued by opponents, you can rebuff or speed up and escape. "Splatty.io" is a beautiful and exciting game that will give you a great mood. Good luck!
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