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Starblastio game is a new mega cool multiplayer online game for true fans of star battles. You will cut through the cosmic expanses on a starfish together with other players from all corners of the world. Each player is both a potential opponent and a potential victim. Everything depends on the enemy spacecraft. If someone else's star is much higher than yours in size and number of charges, then it is better to stay away from this player for now. But, as for the ships of your size, then it is necessary to strain and turn them into stellar dust, or rather into red diamonds. If the enemy managed to destroy you, then you can resume and still maintain your level of pumping. That's just all the diamonds will be lost. To mine diamonds, you need to destroy meteorites and enemy ships. To monitor the correct functionality of the starship, pay attention to the three bands in the left corner of the screen. There are only three of them: blue, yellow and red. The blue bar is your shield and life, yellow is the amount of the blaster charge, and the red one is the amount of diamonds. Thanks to red diamonds, you can improve the characteristics of your spaceship and even buy new improved models of spacecraft. All categories of characteristics and indicators of the ship are on the bottom of the game, and new ships - on the top panel. It all depends on your level of pumping and the amount of diamonds. But on the right below there is a map where you can track your opponents. This game is a joke and "Starblast.io" can become a real killer of free time! Have a good game!
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