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The Strike.is game is a multi-user browser game in which you will feel like a real commando. In this game there are many modes and each player can choose whatever you like. Now in the game there are several modes available, among them: fast game, team command, deadly battle, guild war and private room. In each mode there are a number of its rules of the game. In any mode, you will play a colored circle, in the center of which there will be a weapon. The goal of the game is to destroy all the opponents and top the top sheet or put it simply, rating. The map has a lot of weapons and other bonuses. For example, the map will have many colored bricks. These are cartridges for weapons and each color refers to a particular weapon. Each weapon has its own advantage and its secrets. For example, a shotgun will serve as an ideal weapon for melee combat. Also, the secret of the shotgun is that when you press the right mouse button, you will accelerate. But with the help of a blaster, you can teleport for short distances. In short, in the game "Strike.is" you are waiting for a lot of surprises. Each weapon can be modified. Do it better by collecting coins and buying new weapons for them. In the "Private Rooms" mode, you can enter any room or create your own and invite friends there. But in the "Team for Team" mode, you will play in the team that you choose. In any mode there will be a task that can be seen in the upper right corner of the game. Be it a delivery of a trailer, collection of flags and much more. To make up for life, you must find a first aid kit. as soon as you take it in a short time, it will again appear there. Destroy enemies, collect weapons and become a real champion of the game "Strike.is"!
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