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The game "Vanar.io" is an asteroid version of the mega-popular game Agario. This multi-user browser game will not leave indifferent any fan of the io line. There are two servers available. Choose any of them, come up with a nickname and forward to the stars! You will plow space expanses on a small star ship. First, your space transport will be small, but during the game process, you can decently increase in size. This is a very fun and interesting game, it is only necessary to get used to specific management. In outer space, you will be surrounded by asteroids, planets - dwarfs and large planets. If babies, you can destroy, then a collision with large planets does not promise anything true death. Also, it's worth to be careful, because around full - full of enemies, who now and then will try to shoot you. In the lower block of the game are three scales: "ammo", "score" and "shield". The first scale is your stock of cartridges. It is quickly exhausted, but is also quickly replenished. You just need to wait a bit. The second scale is your glasses. The more points, the bigger your size. but the third scale is your shield. When you use it, you become invulnerable. That's only the energy reserve of the shield is quickly consumed and at speed you will need a breather. Destroy all enemy spaceships and take the first place in the top list. Become the incontrovertible champion of the game "Vanar.io"!
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