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Meet a little crocodile named Swopie. This kid lives in the heart of Where is My Water New York. The truth is in the sewer. There he built himself a small dwelling and quietly - peacefully lives. Our little friend differs from his congeners with great cleanliness. Chistyulya Swooppy loves to take a shower. But once the evil crocodiles gnawed all the sewer pipes and the water disappeared. Help Swoopy to buy and find a way to get water back. In the game "Crocodile Swarms: Where is My Water?" You are waiting for a fascinating story. The game requires only good mood and ingenuity. You will pass different levels, where you will have to find a way for water, which in the end should get into the pipe that leads to the shower room. Also, do not forget to fill with water and collect the rubber ducks of the Swomie crocodile. Sometimes you will come across a means to share a bath: shampoo, soap and a loofah. Collect them all and be able to open a bonus level. Good luck!
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Anjali (20.05.2017) demiş ki ;
Where is my water is the most favorite game i have ever played!THANK YOU!

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