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Zombs.io Hacks Game Online is a brand new online game from the io series. This time you have to build your own base and defend yourself against attacks of whole hordes of zombies. Choose a server, enter your nickname and start the game. The main task is to hold out as long as possible and protect your gold source. The game has a command mode, so you can play with your friend or find friends already during the game. To start construction, you need to choose the right place and install your gold source there. After that, you will begin to receive the income of gold. In addition to this, you will be able to build various buildings near your source, but for their construction you need resources such as wood and stone. Pick up the pickaxe and start to get wood and stone. Have your base close to trees and stones, in order to extract resources in time. Build gold mines and of course defensive buildings, such as: guns, arrows, bombs and magical buildings. Pump up the level of your gold source to open access to the rise of all buildings. Throughout the perimeter of your base, it is advisable to expose walls to deter enemies and prevent them from attacking important buildings. Hordes of zombies will come to your base at the onset of falconry, every night. How long can you last? Everything depends on you. Accumulate more gold, improve your buildings and do not forget to shop at the store. You can buy improvements for your hero, such as: weapons, pickaxe, armor and stuff. With each new wave of zombies will become much stronger, sometimes their number will be less sometimes more. From time to time you will receive one big boss, which is very difficult to stop.
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